You could say I’ve always been in love with photography.  As a child in Holland, I remember photo albums being a big part of my life. They were a cherished bit of our family history, the memories collected and handed down from generation to generation. I used to sit with my grandparents pouring over the treasured moments, some albums going all the way back to the 1800’s. 

After moving to the UK aged 7, photos became so much more to me than a lovely past time with my grandparents. They were the key to holding onto memories of my family, where I was born and a way of feeling closer to the loved ones we’d left behind, making sure I didn’t forget their faces between our yearly visits. They were no longer just pictures, but emotional connections to my Dutch life.


With every photograph I take, I think back to my old family photo albums; the relatives who never met, all of the moments captured for us to reminisce over today. I imagine what my own images will become, who will be looking at them, how they will be remembered and what they will mean in the future.

My own journey has taught me the importance of creating photos that will transport you back in time to a fond and treasured memory.


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